Group tagging

In the first article we explained how to share photos from your photostream. In this article, we will explain how to automatically share your new photos to each of your desired groups. Are you ready?

Where do you start?

In order to use this feature you have to add tags to your photos when uploading them. That’s a requirement because we will use your tags to bind them to your groups. Flickr automatically adds tags to your photos based on their AI algorithm but, for the moment ( Oct 2018 ), those tags are hidden from the API so we cannot see them through the API. This is something we need to be careful because you may see that some of your photos have tags but their are not all valid. Let’s take for example one of my photos ( )

*You need to be logged into Skedr account

The ones you add will show up in dark gray. Flickr’s friendly robots will try to help out by adding some for you; these will appear with just a gray outline.

Tags should represent something related to the photo you are uploading and that can be related to a group you are participating and willing to share an image.

If we follow the tags from the image you will see that we have: bird, wildlife, ngc and perching. I like to share all my birds photos to Birding groups but I also share them to Natural lovers groups or National geographic ones. So we have the following schema:

  • Bird: Birding groups ( 7 groups * ).
  • Wildlife: Natural lovers all kind of animals not just birds ( 4 groups * ).
  • ngc: National geographic groups. ( 3 groups * )
  • perching: Perching birds groups. This group is for birds only and that have to be perching on a branch or cable. ( 1 group * )

With four tags we could be easily sharing this photo to at least 15 different groups (*) just in one step. * Those numbers are just for a sample.

Remember! You can add tags while uploading the photo to Flickr or later on. We will have all the information updated no matter when they were tagged.

How to configure each group

To configure each group you have to go then choose a group clicking the forward button ( -> ). To find faster your groups filter with the search option at the toolbar.

There you will be able to see all the photos you have added to that group.

Choosing which tags

Click the [ ADD ] button to open a popup with all the tags you have in the photos from the current pool.

Select one or more tags and click the save button. We recommend binding just one tag per group. That way it's easier to remeber which tag you used.

If you still have doubts about this, write to for more help. We are improving this feature to be more easily to see the configuration.

Enric Bisbe Gil

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