Sharing an existing photo

When you need to share an existing photo from your Flickr photostream into many groups, traditionally, you need to select one by one and pray that you don't reach the posting limit for any group.

Sharing images into your prefered groups from Flickr is really easy. The benefit of doing it with Skedr is that you will automatically benefit from the automated scheduler feature. Let's get stared!

Where do you start?

To share a single photo you can find them through your Photostream* or viewing all images from one of your Groups* ( and clicking the arrow button). In both cases you will see that each image has a Sked button.

*You need to be logged into Skedr account

Let's dig into the Share functionality by pressing the Sked button of any of your photos. A popup menu will open with all your groups.

Dialog menu

Selecting the groups it's pretty simple but let's see see what we currently have:

  • Title: Name of the photo you want to share.
  • Search bar: To filter through your groups and find the correct one.
  • Group list: Each group from the list has it's name, photo ( with a link to that groups page ), members count, pool count and posting limits for that group.
  • Bottom toolbar: A list of selected groups and the send button.

Choosing which groups you will share your photo

Choose into which groups do you want to share the photo and click the Share button at the bottom toolbar of the dialog menu.

If you still have doubts about this, write to for more help.

Enric Bisbe Gil

Developer and Photography enthusiast. Creator of with the porpuse of helping others.