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sharing photos to Flickr groups.

Brian Evans

Brian Evans

5066 photos

" can handle 80 to 90% of my work, considerably reducing my posting time."



4869 photos

"I like more than anything because it is easy to use and fast, something that in Flickr costs more to do."

Marc Mateos

Marc Mateos

1063 photos

"I recommend to anyone who loves to spend time taking photos instead of posting them in lots of Flickr groups."

For professionals

Share your work easily with any group at any time. We will do it for you.

For enthusiasts

Gain views and likes by easily sharing your pictures in lots of groups. Don't waste your time and improve your photography skills.

For beginners

Improve your shots and photography through other photographer’s eyes. Share and discover. And always have fun.

View autoimport tags in desktop

We have improved your group sharing workflow

Flickr is a great tool and using photo groups is a great way to enjoy other people photos. But let's face it, the tool experience can be way better.
We, as users, have taken the time to improve that part.

Autoschedule built-in

Every rejected photo due to group restriction limits is autoscheduled for reshare. You won't miss it.

Tag your groups

When you upload a new photo, it will be automatically added to your groups by means of the desired tag/s. One shot configuration.

View photostream in a mobile device

Scheduled photos

Schedule view brings your schedule to life and makes it easy to see what's ahead in time.

Engage with more users

Sharing photos to more groups will make your photos more visible at Flickr. Gaining views and likes.

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In the first article we explained how to share photos from your photostream. In this article, we will explain how to automatically share your new photos to each of your desired groups. Are you ready?

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Sharing an existing photo

As a passionate and proud-of-your-work photographer, you often find yourself in the need of sharing some of your brilliant shots.

So you go to share your amazing pictures on your Flickr photostream into many different groups and... you find that not only you have to select each photo one by one, but pray that you do not reach the posting limit for any group.

Ouch! Sharing photos into your preferred groups on Flickr is not easy. But there are some benefits of doing it through that should be taken into account, as the automated scheduler feature for a start. Ready to know more?

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by Enric Bisbe Gil