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Sharing photos to Flickr groups made easier, a tool automating the process of group photo sharing on Flickr.
We have taken the time to work on the experience. Invest less energy and time by sharing photos to Flickr groups automatically.

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Spending less time sharing photos to Flickr groups.

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Automatic photo sharing

Share your photographs to Flick groups by tags
and reshare them in case of group restriction limits.

Tag your photographs and groups

Label your photographs and get them automatically added to groups through the ideal tags.

Auto-scheduled for resharing

Each dismissed photograph is scheduled for resharing automatically; this way, you will never miss it. Saves time!

Auto scheduled photos section

Auto schedule page shows your auto scheduled photos in a timeline that makes it easy to see what will be shared again.

Gain likes and views

Engage with users by sharing photos with additional groups. This will make your photographs more apparent on Flickr. You are acquiring likes and gaining views for your pictures. can handle 80 to 90% of my work, considerably reducing my posting time.

Carsten Skodell
Carsten Skodell
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I like more than anything because it is easy to use and fast, something that in Flickr costs more to do.

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basic usage

How to use

Drinking a coffee or tea every day certainly costs you more than the yearly payment required by, which offers you the lowest possible price. Yes, you read that right.

Moreover, there is a free rendition that permits you to share with a limited number of 25 groups. Save your time and look at the following guide to start using without any difficulty.

  • As soon as you approve to post to your Flickr on your behalf, your record will show you all the Flickr groups automatically.
  • You have to be careful by labeling or tagging your photos. Make sure to tag them according to the rules of each group. A tag must be a keyword or something meaningful to the group.
  • After tagging the photograph with the desired category or group, use the sync button under each picture on the stream. will go through all of the tags in that photo and share it with all groups that match those tags
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Skedr helps everyone

For experts

Please share your work effectively by sharing it with various groups. We will share your photographs. Show what you got, receive appreciation, and get recognized globally.

For devotees

Acquire perspectives and preferences by effectively sharing your photographs in loads of groups. Try not to burn through your time and further develop your photography abilities.

For newbies

Work on your shots and photography through other photographic artists’ eyes. Share and find. What's more, consistently have a good time


Practical use case

Here is an example that will help you understand it better. Assuming a group allows the sharing of all highly contrasting pictures (black and white pictures), you will label it " blackandwhite "

  1. If you make a picture of high contrast/ black and white picture, you will label it " blackandwhite " on Flickr.
  2. Along these lines, will share your photograph on every one of the groups that you have marked " blackandwhite " inside
  3. The significant thing is to consider the rules of each group, which is accomplished by investing a little energy first and foremost on tagging groups accurately.
  4. If your picture is dismissed due to restrictions limits of some groups, the photograph will be automatically scheduled for resharing. This way, you will never miss it and save your time!

I'm loving all of the new changes. Great job, you've made life much easier , returned a ton of time to me and no you've allowed for better control with the sync button.

Russ Parman 783 Photos

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