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Skedr.io will help you succed in getting your free time back. Configure each group with a tag and do not worry on anything else. Upload your tagged photos to see them be shared or auto scheduled when a group's limit is hit.


Manage your groups. Find the best tags for each one. Search your joined groups or find new ones to share your photos. All in one place.


The fastest way of seeing each photo statistics. Views, shared groups and likes in one place. Manage each photo's tags too.


For each day and each group see which photos are auto scheduled to be shared later ( when the group limits allow it ).


Enhanced groups view

We show the most relevant information from each group to easily see if the group is active.

  • See the count of photos and views by thousands ( K ) or milions ( M )
  • The calendar will tell you the restrictions for each group. If you have not joined the group the quantity and regularity will be show ( 1 day/week/month/forever, no limit ). When you join the group you can see in a daily basis the share status for each of your groups ( 1/3 day).
  • The fastest way to know if a group has been opted-out of Flickr default photo limit sharing is by the green ( opted out ) or red ( not opted out ) circle on each logo's group. You can hover to read a little description.
  • Get fast access to the Flickr group's page thanks to external link the group title.

Manage your tags

Read the group rules before configuring your tag/s. It will help you avoid being banned. The search bar will show you relevant tags from photos you have already in your group. If you just joined it will not show any suggestions.
You can configure more than one tag but the recommended is always one as it simplyfies your tag strategy.
There is a special case where you want to share more specific photos. For example a group that wants birds feeding or eating. Add [bird] and [eating] and then turn on the tag mode.

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