Living my best <br/>Second Life

Living my best
Second Life

Step into the world of a Second Life blogger: their process, their style, their favourite photo and why Skedr is their dependable assistant.

We know that Flickr attracts a lot of Second Life fans who love to use Skedr as it helps them get their virtual photos in the right groups in a fraction of the time. One of our community, simply known as Panda Banana has kindly agreed to be interviewed so we can all discover a little more about the colorful alternative universe they inhabit.

How long have you been blogging on SL?
I started blogging back in October 2019, just before the pandemic began, pretty quickly after I had discovered the world of Second Life, in the summer of the same year.

Is there a story arc you follow or is it an organic process?
I don’t really have a story arc for my photos per se. I work best when I am inspired by the moment rather than planning in advance. Blogging on Second Life is a particular type of universe. Bloggers usually start with the products that are made available to them. So in general, as soon as I see products that can go together, I try to build an idea from that to put everything together.

I try to note down all the ideas as they come to me to not forget anything and revisit them when I have more time. And then if new products are launched in the meantime and they work with the concept, I will add them in.

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How did you develop your style?
I am not sure I truly have a specific style. Some people say that I have a personal touch to my work but it is difficult for me to explain as it’s instinctive. I messed around a lot on Second Life and Photoshop to find what I really liked. I learned a lot from other people too, near and far; advice from friends or simply admiring the work of other artists.

Check out the before and after image.

Any tips and tricks for people new to Second Life?
For brand new users, my advice is be curious, I mean explore and discover the place, the people, the jobs, the events, paying great attention to the details. There are quite a few products which are free too, so if people don’t want to or can’t buy in-game currency, they can still find things to dress up their avatar.
And for new bloggers, I would advise starting with small brands that they might like, not targeting big creators directly. Build a follower base on Flickr or other social networks. Try different styles. And on Flickr don’t hesitate to post in lots of groups because it helps enormously at the beginning to gain visibility.

How does Skedr help you as a blogger?
Well, as a blogger, creators expect us to give them more visibility. So one way of doing this is sharing our photos in hundreds of groups on Flickr. This task is very long and tedious on Flickr. With skedr, we save a huge amount of time, groups are updated in a single click according to the tags. Before I took around 30 minutes to create my groups, now I need 2 minutes (time to put the appropriate tags and go to the skedr site).

What’s your all time favourite virtual photo?
I would say this Mon Soleil. On the one hand because I spent so much more time than usual on photoshop and then on the other because I created it for my wife. She’s the model with a Second Life version of my real cat, lol.

This is too cute.

If you’re new to Skedr why not give it a try to for free, gratis, nada, just here:

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