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What you need to know

Skedr is designed to be your assistant and make it easy for you to share your photos and digital art with tags. Simply upload tagged images and you will see by using Skedr you can share them to the tagged groups automatically. You will notice that your images are rescheduled when a group posting limit is reached. Magic.


Join plenty of groups. Groups are more than just posting; they are about contributing to the experience of the site and connecting with more Flickr fans. Before tagging, track down the best tags for each group. Search the groups you have joined or discover new ones to share your images. All in one place.


The quickest approach to seeing every metric you need to know about. Views, likes, shared groups, and preferences in a single spot. You can manage every image tags as well. Comment regularly and interact as much as you can as this will make you well known and ideally well liked and of course, bring traffic to your work.


You can then see which images are auto-scheduled to be shared later according to the rules the group limits permit.

Groups+ #

Check whether groups are active or not

We report on the most important data from each Flickr group. Here’s some of the cool stuff we can do:

Visual metrics.
Show the image and users count from each group.
Group restriction limits.
See the shared status of each group. If you haven’t joined the group, the regularity of posting will be shown instead.
How to know if a group has been opted in or out of Flickr's photo limit.
Look for the green circle for opted out and the red circle for opted in.
Direct group link
Fast track access to the Flickr group's page thanks to the external link to the group title.

Configuration #

Manage your tags

The classic mistake many of you fine people make is tagging and grouping your images randomly or intuitively. Believe or not, tagging is a minor art form, there are a bunch of tagging techniques which can transform the discoverability of your work on Flickr. We have the playbook right here:

Read the group rules before configuring your tag/s.
It will help avoid any of your images being banned. The search bar will show you relevant tags from photos you have already in your group.
One tag for simple use cases.
Configure one tag that describes the group will simplify your tag strategy.
Tag mode for complex use cases.
There are exceptions if you want to share more specific photos. For example for the bird watchers out there you have an epic shot of a flock of birds who are eating. Add [bird] and [eating] and then turn on the tag mode.


Practical use case

Here is a real life example that will help clarify things. Assuming a group allows the sharing of only black and white pictures, you would label it "blackandwhite".

  1. Then Skedr would share your image on every one of the groups that you have tagged as "blackandwhite" in Skedr.
  2. The important thing to consider are the rules of each group, which you can figure out by dedicating a little energy on Skedr, tagging groups accurately. We’ve mentioned this earlier but as you can tell, tagging correctly is a game changer.
  3. If your image is rejected due to the restrictions of some of the groups, the image will be automatically scheduled for resharing. This way, you will never miss it and saves you time!

I'm loving all of the new changes. Great job, you've made life much easier , returned a ton of time to me and now you've allowed for better control with the sync button.

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